Acrylic beads are also called plastic beads. One very noticeable feature is that their appearance is similar to that of glass beads.  But, based on their properties, these have superior quality as compared to glass beads in a number of ways.

One of such features is that these beads can be used for many years because they are highly durable and of high quality.

Acrylic Beads are available in different colors, shapes, and sizes; you have a wide range to choose from, including colorful beads, transparent beads, antique beads, CCB beads, crackle beads, painted beads, plated beads, printed beads, etc. For the shapes, they are in heart, round, flower, flat round, rhombus, oval, rectangles, column and some others. Acrylic Beads can also be made in different sizes from 6 mm to 40 mm and even bigger.

Different types available include colorful  antique, transparent, painted and printed ones. Some Acrylic Beads resemble gemstone beads while others give the look of crystal beads. Some even give off the look of a stone bead or a metal bead.

No matter how these beads look, the common characteristic is that they are all very cheap. It is considered a wise choice to decide to use Acrylic Beads to create necklaces or any other jewelry because the beads will create some eye catching elegance.

Because there are so many Acrylic Beads around, one does not need to worry about how many beads you use.

Acrylic Beads have quite a number of uses other than making jewelry. They have been used from time to time to decorate houses. This is because these beads create that colorful look around the house which makes the house appear lively. In the house they can also be used on curtains, table clothes, furniture and more.

These beads can also be used to decorate clothing, shoes, bags, hats, gloves or any other wearable accessory.

The good thing about these beads is that you can use them to create stylish handmade jewelry all by yourself and as such you create your own unique designs. 

Common fashion jewelry pieces cannot meet people’s desire on personality, the want to be unique from others, and having a choice of various colors, shapes and sizes, choosing Acrylic Beads will fulfill that desire.

They will give you good inspirations on making unique jewelry pieces to show your own personality. You can not only use acrylic beads to make jewelry pieces, but also mix and match them with other jewelry  beads, such as glass beads, gemstones, metal beads, resin beads and so on. 

Acrylic beads can be made from different materials, some of them may have the appearance of metal, and some look like glass, and some even look like gemstones.

No matter what they look like, all of them are attractive in their own way. They can be used to make necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and any other jewelry pieces. Different beads can be used to create different styles of jewelry pieces, and every style will be amazing and suitable for any occasion.


Antique acrylic beads
Antique Acrylic Beads are much cheaper as compared to their counterparts like the glass bead. This affordable price characteristic means more and more people will end up buying these beads as compared to other expensive beads, and this is because everyone always wants the best products at an affordable price.

Although the glass bead looks very upscale, the crafty nature of acrylic beads makes it a value for your money.

Most individuals who prefer jewelry tend to look for those which have many suppliers and are available in a variety. This is usually quite the fact with most Antique Acrylic Beads. The large number of suppliers means that you are likely to find them in most jewelry stores and sometimes they are even available in national art and craft chain stores or even the common retail stores. The number of pieces present means that buyers have different varieties to choose from unlike other beads like glass beads which are much harder to find and you have to look for them in specialty stores and this still does not guarantee you will get what you are looking for.

Although glass beads tend to have a natural shine and light, this does not outdo Antique Acrylic Beads because they also can have very unusual and appealing effects. For example, glass beads do not come in a variety of colors or styles as acrylic beads which come in opaque and translucent varieties with different shades of color.

These are also very light compared to most other types of beads. This means many people will go for this because most people given a choice will go for a much lighter bead than a heavier one, as this will provide them with a chance to wear many beads without feeling overburdened.

Antique Acrylic Beads are also known to withstand temperature changes much better than glass and other kinds of beads. This is best seen when jewelry and beads made of acrylic are subjected to higher temperature, it remains cool, but when jewelry made of glass is subjected to the same temperatures, it gets hot.

Antique Acrylic Beads are in essence just plastic beads and are sometimes referred to as Lucite beads. These beads are becoming popular these days and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes with some of the common shapes being faceted, flower, round, flat, leaf and many other shapes.

The reason why they are becoming popular is due to the variety of colors and shapes that they are available in that they look elegant, light, and affordable and are available in many jewelry and craft stores, and you have a wide selection to choose from.