A hearty welcome to all beginners starting their jewelry making journey!

You don't need any experience, metalsmithing skills or power tools. All you need will be a lot of enthusiasm and a few basic, inexpensive
beading tools and supplies .

There will be a lot of information on this site, including step-by-step techniques and beading projects. This site is regularly updated with great new Beading Tutorials, Projects and Techniques, so visit regularly to stay up to date.

Some techniques can be mastered in a matter of minutes, while others might take some time to learn.

A great starting point for beginners is to become acquainted with all the
jewelry making supplies and tools
, by reading the jewelry supply information page. After that you can start with some of the basic projects, and then move on to the more advanced Beading Tutorials .

May you have hours of fun! 

Reading the jewelry supply information is essential for beginners. As a jewelry maker you need to know what supplies are available, what to choose and how to use it.

Beading and Jewelry Tools 
As a beginner you will need three essential Beading and Jewelry Tools for making beaded jewelry. I will introduce you to some other useful tools as well which can help you to create beautiful jewelry.

Types of Beads 
There is a huge variety of beads available, all with different shapes, colors, sizes and textures. It can be daunting to choose the right Types of Beads for your projects. The Types of Beads you are using will determine the look you want to create wether it’s funky, trendy, sophisticated or elegant. 

Beading Threads Cords and Wires
Get to know the different Beading Threads Cords and Wires jewelry makers are using to create a range of stunning jewelry pieces. Information regarding stringing materials is of great importance. 

Jewelry Clasps and Connectors 

Using Jewelry Clasps and Connectors will add a 'wow' factor to your jewelry. I absolutely love working with different Clasps and Connectors, which gives the final finishing touch to your design. There are a few things to consider before choosing the right type of Jewelry Clasps or Connectors for your projects.


Adding Chain to your jewelry will give it an exclusive and professional look. Finding and using the correct type of Chain is essential.

Jewelry Findings 
Jewelry Findings are those additional components like clasps that are needed to finish off a jewelry piece. Jewelry Findings are also used to join beads and jewelry pieces together. Get to know the different types of findings available and what they are used for.