Are you looking for the perfect beads to use in your next beading project? Or perhaps you want to find out more about the various tools and accessories that can make beading so much easier and more enjoyable?

In this section you will find tons of valuable advice and information on selecting the right beads, findings and jewelry making supplies for the task at hand!

If you’re new to jewelry making, or if you have done other types of jewelry construction but never strung a bead, then this article will explain how you can get started with bead stringing. Read on to learn about tools and equipment, beads and findings, and stringing material.

Now, while there’s some free information on my site, there are loads of books and magazines published on bead stringing that can also give you some great basics and project ideas. 

Once you have invested in some good tools, specifically made for jewelry, you will be amazed at how much better your jewelry turns out. So, feel free to use what you have at first, but realize that you always need the right tool for the right job. There are tons of tools really, but at a minimum you’ll need the following:

Round-nosed pliers:   They are made just for jewelry makers, and like the name indicates, the tips of these are round. They are used for making loops or curling pieces of wire. Get a good pair of these, preferably one with a spring in the handle.

Flat-nosed pliers:  These are your basic pair of pliers with a flat nose, but the difference with those made for jewelry making versus those you might find in your garage is that these are smooth on the inside of the nose.

Wire cutters:  While you are going to be beading mostly and not working with wire so much, you still need a good pair of flush cut wire cutters to cut things like headpins (used to make earrings) or beading wire (a flexible coated metal wire).

Small scissors like those used in sewing are handy to cut thread.

 A little dab will do you, but it’s handy to have some jeweller’s glue. Hypo-cement is one brand many jewelry makers use.

Now you need the goodies to put together. Obviously, there are tons of different beads available, so really you need to pick what you like and go with that.  If you get a chance to go to a bead store, while they may be pricier than your average mail order business, it’s nice to “see” what you’re getting, especially when first starting out. However, if you aren’t lucky enough to have a bead shop nearby, then you can source them right here!  We have a lot of beads you can see online, and get them delivered directly to you within a day or two.

As far as findings, you need a good assortment. Again, take a look at our supply.
You’ll need jump rings, headpins, ear hooks, bead tips, and clasps at a minimum to get started. These are available in all kinds of metals and designs. Pick what you like and what you can afford.