Wire Spiral Tutorial


Wire spirals are easy to make, and can be used in many jewelry designs. Practice with a smaller wire size (22g). You can move on to 20g or 18g when you’ve mastered the skill.
Wire work is simple once you know a few basics.  The wire spiral is great for turning large beads into pendants, or embellishing the base of an earring.
You can use this technique for a variety of things in your designs.


18g, 20g or 22g wire (at least 10cm)

Round nose pliers

Chain or flat nose pliers

Side cutters


make a simple loop
Cut a piece of wire. For this project, the length you use will depend on how many rings you want in your spiral. You may need to experiment a bit to get your length just right. With round-nose pliers,grip the end of the wire with the tip of your round nose pliers. make a simple loop by wrapping the wire once around the pliers. Move your pliers away from you till the wire connects to form a small loop.


push the wire upward to wrap it

Hold the loop firmly in the middle of your chain nose pliers and with your finger, push the wire upward to wrap it around the first loop. Do this until you have the desired size. You will need to adjust the pliers as you go. Be careful not to scratch the wire.


Open Jump Ring

When you have all the loops you need, stop the rotating process and make sure there is at least 2cm of wire left. Grip the tail of wire with the tip of your round nose pliers and make a 90 degree bend in the wire in the opposite direction. (This is where you can attach other components). Cut off any excess wire.
completed wire spiral

And there you have a perfect Wire Spiral!
​For a charm, finish by making a simple loop. For a headpin, attach the beads you want and finish with either a simple loop or a  wrapped loop .