Beaded and Wire wrapped jewelry is very popular today, and as more and more jewelry makers learn to create it, the most important thing is that the correct jewelry making tools are used for their jewelry projects. There are many different types of beading tools and jewelry kits on the market today and it is difficult to decide which types of tools should be chosen.

Some people may think jewelry making is a difficult project. Well, jewelry making can be much easier as long as you can choose the right jewelry tools which can simplify many tasks. There are various jewelry tools. They come in different types and sizes. 

The widely used jewelry tools includes jewelry pliers, cutters, beading needles, shears, bead reamers, tweezers and scissors. Amongst them, the pliers are the most widely used jewelry tools as they come in many different types and each type has its own special purpose.

If you are beginner jewelry designer, there is a wide range of tools you will need to get started. Gone are the days when jewelry making involved only beads with holes in the centre and wires. These days, jewelry making has progressed to such a level that the various kinds of tools which are available today can help you make your work so much easier and create exquisite pieces of jewelry. Although you may not need the entire range of jeweller’s tools in the beginning, there are some basic tools which are essential to have and to know about.

You are unable to ignore jewelry tools when you want to create jewelry designs, even if they are very simple. For example, if you just want to use elastic cord to string a bracelet, you also need to use a jewelry tool—scissors to cut off the elastic cord, isn’t it?

Beading your own necklaces, bracelets and earrings is a rewarding hobby, but as a beginner it can be a bit overwhelming to decide on which jewelry tools you will need to get started. In this section, I will mention some of the basic essential jewelry tools.

Since jewelry work can be quite fiddly and time consuming, it is important to think about comfort. You will probably be doing a lot of squeezing, which can put a lot of strain on your hands and wrists. 

As a beginner, you must have the following basic jewelry tools which are pliers, cutters, bead reamer, memory wire shears, beads containers and scissors.

Having the correct jewellery making supplies means that you are able to make every piece as professional as possible. It also prevents you from having to stop what you are doing and run to the shops to finish your current project!

These are the tools I would recommend investing in if you are just starting out making jewelry. Round-nose pliers for making loops, wire cutters for cutting headpins, eyepins and standard jewelry wire and flat-nose pliers for opening and closing jump rings and chain. Chain-nose pliers are very similar in use to the other flat-nose pliers, but it can be useful to have both for some jobs where you use two sets of pliers (like opening and closing jump rings). A litte note about wire cutters – don’t use these on hardened wire like memory wire or tigertail as this will ruin them! If you are going to cut these types of wires then also invest in sturdier cutters from the hardware store just for these types of wire.


Pliers are sorted in many different types according to their different usages. Jewelry pliers help make loops around beads, stretch and crimp wire and tie off ends. There are many types of jewelry pliers from round nose pliers to side cutting pliers, from flat round nose pliers to end cutting pliers, from wire cutter pliers to chain nose pliers etc., which protect the finish of wires and other materials used in your designs. If you are not sure what kind of pliers you might need, consider buying a kit, with several types for different projects. You can purchase all the jewelry tools you need here to save time and money.

Jewelry Pliers are made to handle more delicate jobs than pliers from a hardware store, and they vary in shape and size depending on the job.