Before you place your order, please consult this size guide for assistance with necklace and bracelet sizing. The information provided below will help you make sure your new jewelry fits you just right, and save you from the hassle and expense of returning your jewelry for the correct size.

Feel free to  contact us  if you have any questions about this information, or if you need to special order a custom necklace or bracelet size. If you do need to send back your jewelry because it doesn't fit properly, please refer to the return policy and consult this guide to determine the correct size for reordering.


Not sure which necklace size to order? Use the list below as a guide to traditional necklace lengths for an average woman's body. Of course, everyone's preference for necklace length is unique, depending on body shape, preferred fit, and the style of necklace. For example, a delicate necklace will fit differently than a chunky one, and the exact length of a long necklace is not as critical as that of a short one.


12-14 inches: around neck (choker)
16 inches: at neckline
18 inches: at collarbone
20 inches: a few inches below collarbone (mid-chest)
22-24 inches: at or just above decolletage
24 inches: just below decolletage
30 inches: a few inches below decolletage
36 inches: almost to waistline

How to measure your necklace size: The best way to determine the proper length to order is to measure a necklace you own in similar style. Another method is to drape a string around your neck, and to cut it once you have determined the length that suits you. Use that measurement as a guide to ordering the closest length available in the style of your choice.

Please note that many of my short necklaces are adjustable from 16-18 inches, which are versatile lengths for most women. However, if you do not see the size you need on a product's pull down menu, just contact me about special ordering a custom size, especially if you need a petite, plus, or children's size. Additional charges may apply for custom sizes.


Small: 7 inches
Medium: 7.5 inches
Large: 8 inches
X-Large: 8.5 inches

Please note that the sizes above are bracelet sizes, not wrist sizes (i.e. they are 1 to 1.5 inches larger than your wrist measurement—see below). If a bracelet is either adjustable or has an extender chain, it will be noted in its product description.


Wrap a soft measuring tape or ribbon snugly (but not too tightly) around your wrist, just below your wrist bone. Mark the length, (cutting and/or measuring the ribbon with a ruler) and add 1 to 1.5 inches. This is your bracelet size.

Another measurement technique: 

Simply measure a bracelet that fits you comfortably and is similar in style to the one you want to order. Remember, a chunky bracelet will fit you differently than a delicate one, and will need to be a bit longer to accommodate the width of the materials. Don't forget to measure the bracelet end-to-end, including the clasp.


Still not sure about your size? 

When placing your bracelet order, keep in mind that it is better for a bracelet to be slightly loose rather than snug, and don't forget to consider what kind of bracelet fit is most comfortable for you (either tighter or looser). If your wrist is between sizes, I suggest that you round up to the next largest size.

If you do not see your preferred bracelet size on a product's pull down menu, just contact Riana about special ordering a custom size (see below for information about petite or plus sizing).

Please make sure to measure your wrist accurately before ordering, as there is R40.00 resizing fee for bracelets.

If your bracelet needs re sizing  it must be either partially or completely restrung or rewired. This takes the same amount of time and labor as making it the first time, and often requires using some additional materials.


I want everyone to be comfortable wearing Beaded Creations jewelry.

If you need to order a necklace or bracelet in a size not listed on a product's, please contact me about placing a custom order.

As a guideline, a petite size would be 2 inches (or less) smaller than the smallest size offered of a necklace or bracelet. A plus size would be approximately 2 inches (or less) larger than the largest size. Some additional charges will typically apply for labor and materials used to modify an existing style.


Your little girl can feel just like one of the “big girls” when you give her a gift of my jewelry for a special occasion, such as her birthday, first communion, graduation, a wedding (flower girl), or just because!

For this collection, I have designed simple, delicate, age-appropriate earrings, necklaces and bracelets for girls between ages 3-12. Many designs coordinate with the women's Signature and Wedding collections.

Use the size charts below as a guideline, but keep in mind that young children come in all shapes and sizes and grow at different rates. You should measure your child's neck or wrist as you would an adult's (see above) to make sure their necklace or bracelet will fit them well.



XX-Small (3): 5.5 inches
X-Small (4-5): 5.75 inches
Small (6-7): 6 inches
Medium (8-9): 6.25 inches
Large (10-11): 6.5 inches
X-Large (12-13): 7 inches

10-12 inches: 3-6 years

12-14 inches: 7-9 years

14-16 inches: 10-12 years

Please note that all children's necklaces and bracelets include extender chains (2" necklaces, 1" bracelets), so that girls can grow into their jewelry, and hopefully be able wear it for a few years. Girls thirteen and above should order a women's size.


Our girls' jewelry collection is designed only for children OVER three years old, and may present a choking hazard for children under three. Please do not allow children under three to wear jewelry, especially when unsupervised or sleeping.

Please use caution when children ages three to five are wearing jewelry, and do not allow them to wear it either unsupervised or while sleeping.

Please  contact us if you have any questions or concerns about children's jewelry, sizes, or safety.