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Mens' Swimwear

Jet off into the tropics with beachwear that emanates style - swim trunks, briefs and boxers with colorful prints and classic icons. Dive in with the right swimwear. Whether you're swimming laps or taking on the surf, you'll love our men's swimwear. Get the sleek, drag-minimizing look and feel of men’s jammers, square legs or briefs, or relax poolside in board shorts or men's swim trunks. Consider the look and feel you're going for at the pool or on the beach. Men’s board shorts and trunks offer a relaxed fit – perfect for the sand, surf or boardwalk. Competitive swimmers benefit from the friction-reducing features of a streamlined pair of jammers, briefs or square-legs swimsuit. These snug-fitting designs are ideal for athletes looking to maximize speed in the water. Catch waves in comfortable-fitting rash guards or dry off in warm-ups and slide sandals. Pack up your bag with swim caps and goggles.