10 Best Chain Styles

10 Best Chain Styles - BEADED CREATIONS

Are you in a chain rut? Try a different type of chain in your jewelry designs or a combination of multiple styles of chains in one piece to easily update your work. You can create many lengths and styles of necklace, bracelet or anklet with unfinished chain. Read on to discover our top 10 Best Chain Styles, along with design ideas to inspire your creativity.


Cable Chain consists of a series of symmetrical round or oval links, uniform in width and thickness. As one of the most versatile and popular chain choices, this is a great option for pendant necklaces and dangling earring tassels.


Curb Chain is a cable chain that has been twisted so that the links lie flat. This chain is well-loved for how it lays flat against the body in necklace and bracelet designs.


Rolo chain features round or oval links created from flat or half-round wire. Rolo chain is a great choice for bracelets and anklets or incorporated into wirework.


This smooth, cylindrical chain is made of lightly curved plates tightly woven with thin links. Snake Chain is known for its strength and durability. This chain can stand alone but also looks great with the addition of a slide pendant, making it a good option for necklaces.


Ball Chain is made of small, hollow metal balls connected by short lengths of wire. Ball Chains make great necklace designs and nicely lend themselves to small pendants, charms, and military-style dog tags.


Singapore chain has links that are connected to form an elongated diamond-shaped structure. Each section is then twisted and flattened. It is sometimes referred to as a twisted curb chain. This type of chain makes beautiful pendant necklaces and is known as a timeless pattern.


This is a cable chain with links that are not uniform in size. It typically has three to five shorter links connecting individual longer links for a distinctive pattern. Figaro Chain has a unique look and is often used in men's jewelry.


Rope Chain has links that are connected to two other links in each row, forming twisted rope-like lengths. Rope Chains can be found in various sub-styles, such as double rope and French Rope. All of these decorative chains are often worn in larger sizes to show off the design.


Box Chain is also known as Venetian Chain. Small cubes are linked directly together to create a strong chain that has a smooth appearance. This chain is perfect for larger pendants.


This chain features small figure-eight links connected by round or oval links. This chain makes beautiful earring tassels and multi-strand necklaces.

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