Return Refund & Exchange Policy


While makes every effort to accommodate its users, consumers and retailers, our Returns Policy has to be one that is both reasonable and in strict accordance with the relevant aspects of the Consumer Protection Act of 2008 (CPA) and its regulations as amended.

The Consumer has a duty to ensure that the goods are inspected upon delivery, and to notify Beaded Creations in writing within 24 hours of any major defects, damages or incorrectly supplied goods. Should the item be damaged, the item needs to be received by Beaded Creations within (7 calendar days) in its original packaging, and upon receipt and inspection of the damaged item a final decision will be made by Beaded Creations to offer either a replacement or store credit for the total cost of the item minus shipping costs and communicated to the consumer accordingly in writing.

1. Beaded Creations Will Accept Returns:

Where Goods Have Been Incorrectly Supplied. An example of this is where a user orders goods and receives goods that are substantially different from what was ordered. Beaded Creations will then have the incorrect goods picked up and the correct goods delivered at no charge to the consumer.

Where The Goods Sold Are Materially Defective. Materially defective means damaged to such an extent that the item is totally beyond repair, factory fault means that the item can under no circumstances be repaired. Materially defective here excludes minor, scratches, dents, marks or defects which do not affect the usage or enjoyment of the goods.

Beaded Creations reserves the right to inspect the goods once they have been returned before offering the consumer recourse on the matter, which will include

A store credit to the value of the goods OR A replacement of the goods

All refunds will remain at the discretion of Beaded Creations.

ALL Gift Cards, Sale, Clearance and Discounted Items are not eligible for a refund.

2. Beaded Creations Will Not Accept Returns:

The consumer protection act (the “CPA”) specifically excludes “buyer’s remorse” and Beaded Creations reserves the right to reject returns that are sought because the consumer has “changed his mind” or no longer wants the item after the purchase has been made.

Where goods have been CORRECTLY supplied to the buyer, and after having received the items they have changed their mind and want to return the item/s.

Where the goods have been damaged due to ordinary wear and tear or worn out in the ordinary course of use.

Where the goods have been purchased from other retailers and not Beaded Creations.

Where the goods have been willfully damaged or have been damaged by the gross negligence of the consumer.

Where the goods have been damaged by force majeure, or an act of god such as inclement weather, natural disaster, power failure, electrical surges or circumstances outside of Beaded Creations control.

There will be no refunds or returns accepted for any Preorder items/s as it has been specifically made and/or ordered in for you.

There will be no refunds or returns accepted for any Sale items.

Where the goods fall into one of the following categories:

a) Goods that have been personalized or custom made
b) Goods that may pose a health or safety hazard if returned or reused.
c) Earrings, including studs, piercings, attachments and other personal body items due to health and safety considerations.
d) Electronic goods, where such goods have been opened, tested or used due to the nature and sensitivity of electronic components.

Beaded Creations reserves the right to hold the consumer liable for delivery charges in the event of one or more of the above circumstances being the reason for return of the goods.

Cash refunds will be processed 7 (seven) to 14 (fourteen) working days from date of refund being accepted and return validated. Refunds shall be made to the banking details from which the order was placed, or to the banking details provided to Beaded Creations on signing up or account creation.

Returns are only applicable to customers within South Africa.

If the item sent is not a product purchased from Beaded Creations then the customer is liable for all the transport charges that has and will occur.

Cash refunds that are requested after the 15th of December each year shall only be processed after the 15th of January that succeeding year as the admin accounts of Beaded Creations are closed during this period.

3. Beaded Creations Exchanges:

3.1 Beaded Creations reserves the right not to process exchanges for any reason whatsoever, subject to sections 55 and 56 of the Consumer Protection Act of 2008, as amended.

3.2 Goods that are returned to Beaded Creations shall be treated as returned items and a store credit shall be processed to the customer in lieu thereof.

3.2 Where goods have been correctly supplied to the buyer, and after having received the items they have changed their mind and want to return/exchange the item/s: ONLYSTORE CREDIT will be offered for the returned items and an additional 15% restocking fee will also be deducted off the total value of the items that are returned, return costs via courier will also be for the buyer's account.