Basic Craft Tools You Should Have When Making Jewelry

Basic Craft Tools You Should Have When Making Jewelry


When creating unique, well-made pieces of jewelry, it is important to use the right tools. However, with the big amount of jewelry craft tools and supplies available on the market, you may not know which tools to choose. Keep reading to know the must-have tools for any jewelry making beginner and the upgrades you can make you if you decide to take your craft more seriously than now:

Basic Craft Tools You Should Have When Making Jewellery - BEADED CREATIONS



If you are an aspiring jewelry crafter, you must invest in a pair or two of pliers. Jewelry Making Pliers are classified into the following:

  • Round Nose Pliers: These pliers are used to bend wire, make loops, curves, rings, and other shapes. You will need them when making Headpins and Eyepins.
  • Chain Nose Pliers: These are semi-round, with a flat jaw, and a point at the end. You will want to use this kind of pliers when you work in tight, small places and difficult angles. A chain nose pliers works as a stable second set of hands which makes it easy to hold the elements, bend and wrap wire, make loops, as well as open and close jump rings.
  • Crimping Pliers: You need to have this tool if you are working with Crimp Beads and stringing beads. It has two notches in the jaws, one of which is meant for crimping while the other for rounding.

Basic Craft Tools You Should Have When Making Jewellery - BEADED CREATIONS

When buying crafting pliers, ensure you buy those that are designed specifically for jewelry making. Pliers available at hardware stores are not meant for this kind of use and may cause damage to your jewelry.
  • Wire Cutters:You also need to invest in a pair of good wire cutters if you will be working with wire for your jewelry. The tools let you get a clean, precise cut on various kinds of wire you are working with. Craft Wire is such a versatile material, but you can cut it with a good working wire cutter. Avoid cutting the wire with a craft scissor or an everyday scissor as you could damage either the jewelry or the scissor.
  • Jewelry Adhesive or Glue: Some jewelry designs depend heavily on the use of adhesives and others may benefit from an extra dot of adhesive to keep things together. Having a tube or bottle of All-Purpose Jewelry Glue will benefit you.


After you have determined jewelry-making is a craft you want to do more of, consider upgrading your jewelry tools. Although these tools are not must-haves, they are nice to have.
Basic Craft Tools You Should Have When Making Jewellery - BEADED CREATIONS

While you collect more of your desired beads and other jewelry tools, keep them organised and together by using jewelry storage and beading organizer. You can use a craft storage box and a small plastic bag for this purpose. This way, you do not need to search for tools or beads every time you need them.