How To Use Memory Wire in Jewelry Making

How To Use Memory Wire in Jewelry Making - BEADED CREATIONS


Memory Wire is a type of steel wire used in jewelry making that keeps its cold-forged shape. This characteristic helps keep wire designs in place after completion, making memory wire an excellent choice for quick and easy projects. Memory wire is typically sold in coils with pre-formed loops sized for bracelets, necklaces, or rings, and is available in many plated metal finishes including gold, silver, copper, and gun metal.


How To Use Memory Wire & Choosing The Correct Size

Memory wire can be used to make jewelry including bangle bracelets, necklaces, rings. Our designers have also made earrings and crafts such as wine charms and ornaments. To use, simply cut your memory wire coil to your desired number of loops. Note: Memory Wire is extraordinarily strong. To prevent damage to your regular wire cutters, we highly recommend only using specialized memory wire cutters to cut memory wire.
When creating a bracelet from memory wire, you can easily achieve a stacked or wrapped look by using multiple loops. Bracelet memory wire is available in small, medium, or large, with sizes listed in diameter (the width across the center).
There are 2 factors in choosing bracelet size - wrist size and bead size. Memory wire acts like a spring to be flexible and fit a broad range of sizes. Many people are comfortable with the medium size. Those with smaller wrists and hands can now choose the small size for a tighter fit, and those who find that memory wire designs are usually too tight can use the large size. However, If you plan to use large beads in your design, we recommend going with a larger size. For smaller beads, such as seed beads, choosing the smallest size of memory wire that fits could be the way to go.
You can adorn your memory wire by sliding on beads, wire wrapping components to the memory wire base, or using specialized findings such as slide-on cups or glue-on pads.