What Are Ear Nuts?



Ear Nuts, also called as Earring Backs or Push Earring Backs. The Ear Nuts on our website are designed with a hole in the center, so you can push and slide them onto the Earring Posts or Ear Wires to keep your earrings securely in place on your ears. 



Friction Ear Nuts

Friction Ear Nuts - BEADED CREATIONS


  • Friction Ear Nuts, also called Butterfly Ear Nuts, use the tension of the metal to hold the posts firmly. With a hole in the middle of the base plate, you can slide the Friction Ear Nut onto the post until it touches the earlobe, making it very easy to put on and take off.
  • Butterfly Ear Nuts give a beautiful back design to your earrings and are mainly suited for Stud Earrings.
  • Please note that it can easily lose its grip on the post after prolonged use.

    Bullet Ear Nuts

    Bullet Ear Nuts - BEADED CREATIONS


  • Bullet Ear Nuts are usually made of silicone or rubber, they are comfortable to wear and user-friendly for wearers with metal sensitivities.
  • The clear earring backs are invisible behind your earlobe and will emphasize the front of your earring design more emphasized and noticeable.
  • They are mainly suited for Post Earrings and Hook Earrings.

    Special Shaped Ear Nuts

    Special Shaped Ear Nuts


  • In addition to the common bell shaped ear nuts, there are various special shaped ear nuts, such as tubes, hearts, flowers, round, stars and polygons.
  • They are mainly suited for post earrings and hook earrings.

    Comfort Clutch Ear Nuts

    Comfort Clutch Ear Nuts - BEADED CREATIONS


  • Comfort Clutch Ear Nuts are bullet ear nuts with clear plastic discs. The round discs are used to support and distribute the weight of heavier studs, increasing the stability of the earrings and effectively preventing the heavier earrings from sagging.
  • They are mainly suited for heavier stud earrings.

    Belt Ear Nuts

    Belt Ear Nuts - BEADED CREATIONS


  • With a metal belt decor,belt ear nuts are more eye-catching. When paired with earrings, they will make your whole earrings look more shiny.
  • They are mainly suited for post earrings and hook earrings.

    Silicone Covered Ear Nuts

    Silicone Covered Ear Nuts - BEADED CREATIONS


  • Silicone Covered Earring Backs are made by adding silicone to standard earring backs, such as friction ear nuts and bullet ear nuts, which will add more tension to the metal earring backs and give a firm grip on earring posts.
  • They are mainly suited for post earrings and hook earrings.

    Fully-Covered Ear Nuts


    •  Fully-covered Ear Nuts are designed to cover the sharp ends of the earring posts, so the ends of the posts or hooks will not poke or scratch the back of your ears when you're using the phone or sleeping.
    •  They are mainly fit for post earrings.

    Tip: You can also purchase Ear Nut Kits, which contain various styles of ear nuts in one box to meet your specific needs.